The basic rules

Before the door to the laser game arena opens and the big fight begins, each player is equipped with their own vest and gun. Each pistol is equipped with a glowing sensor. You can also find this sensor on the vest: on the chest, back and shoulders. These are the places your opponents will be trying to hit throughout the game. If they do, your vest will go out and you will be out of the game for 5 seconds. During this time, you cannot be hit again, it is giving you the time to escape. It is also the time when you can not hit anybody else. After 5 seconds, however, the vest will reactivate and you can go for sweet revenge!

Základní pravidla laser game

The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible, which you earn for precisely aimed hits. The scoreboard will be printed right after the game at the bar. You will not only find out who was the best fighter in your group, but also who went after you the most and, on the other hand, who was your favorite target.

Do you have a small or a big group? Are you in the centre or on the outskirts of the Prague? Or are you possibly from the Liberec region? We can accommodate everyone in our arenas! We have built centres of different sizes and you just have to choose – Mercuria arenas.

Before each game you will be trained by our staff, who will lend you all the equipment and explain the necessary rules. One game takes from10 to 15 minutes of pure time depending on the arena and game mode you choose. Does this seem too little? Well, we’ll see how you talk after a few minutes of running around, when your “life” is on the line and every one of your friends wants to take revenge for all the past disagreements☺ We don’t say for nothing that it’s a good idea to take a spare t-shirt and believe us, it will come in handy at the end.

We recommend taking sports clothes and especially sports shoes. It’s very tactical to wear dark, preferably black clothing to get maximum camouflage. You will sweat during the game, so it is definitely a good idea to bring a spare shirt. You can also change in the changing room, lock your belongings in the locker room and take a shower after the game. In addition, all rooms are fully air-conditioned.

Do you play laser tag for the firt time? Don’t worry. We will explain you the rules before the game or you can check out our video tutorial.

Is there anything else you want to know? Don’t be afraid to write/call us. Or take a look at our FAQ.