Is the laser safe? Can it hurt my eyes?

The laser is classify to the second safety standarts. It means that it is completely safe and it can not hurt you in any way. It can not hurt you even if you aim with the weapon in the eye.

What should I wear when playing laser game?

The most important and practically the only requirement are the good and appropriate shoes. The clothes is up to you, but it´s good to chose sportswear, because you move for the whole time of the game and you will get sweaty.
Pro Tip: It is a part of tactics to wear dark colors (black is the best), because it helps you to be more invisible for the other players.

Do you have a changing rooms and a shower?

Ladies and gentlemen have a dressing room with lockable lockers. You can also use the shower after playing with us. If you forget your towel, we will be happy to lend you one for a small fee.

We have women’s and men’s changing rooms with lockable lockers. It is also no problem to use the showers, to which we can lend you towels for a small fee.

You can lock your valuables in lockers in our Arena Na Příkopě. Unfortunately we do not have a changing room, but we will be happy to let you change in our facilities. 🙂

In our Liberec premises you can use the changing rooms and showers, which are of course separate for ladies and gentlemen. You can borrow a towel at any time and lockers are a matter of course.

Hráč Laser Game

Do you have the lockers for valuables?

You can leave your valuables (as a cellphone, a wallet etc.) in the battlesuit room.  Everything there is monitored by cameras.

What age group is laser game suitable for?

The laser game is suitable for everyone! You will see, how excited you will be after your first game.
For children, we recommend age of 6 years and older. However, in our arenas played much younger chindren – it depending on height and courage of the individual.

What is the longest distance you can shoot your adversary?

The laser has got a 30-metre reach, so you can hit your adversary even if he is very far away from you.

Is it possible to take care about the children during the game?

Yes, it is possible. In case of interest, you can go to the arena with your children and we are not going to charge you a fee for it. In Holesovice you can check your children from balcony.

How many players can join one game?

In Holešovice you can choose from two arenas – The Underwater World is for 14 players, but we can let up to 16 players into the arena on request. The Golem arena is for 22 players, up to 26 on request! We can combine both of these arenas to create a huge Atlantis that can hold up to 42 players.

We have two themed arenas at Branik – The Jungle Arena for 22 players (up to 26 on request) and The Spaceship Arena for 12 players (up to 14 on request). Both of these arenas can be combined to form the New World, creating space for up to 40 players!

Na Příkopě we have an arena in which you will travel around the world! Around the World Journey is for 12 players (up to 14 on request).

In Liberec we have the Three Worlds arena, which is for 18 players (up to 22 on request).

Is there a secondary activity as part of the branch?

Yes, for a small fee you can play arcade games or table football. Virtual reality is also part of the branch.

Yes, for a small fee you can play arcade gamesor football. The branch also includes virtual reality.

Of course! You’ll be inside the biggest toy store in the country and you won’t know where to look first! From a roller coaster, carousel, tons of toys, to a mirror museum, butterfly house, virtual reality and lots more!

In Liberec you can play arcade games such as basketball, air hockey and we also have virtual reality. Our specialty, which you won’t find anywhere else, is Laser Maze. A laser maze that you can explore together and try to get “out”.

Do you offer refreshments?

Our branch in Holešovice includes a restaurant with 180 seats. At our bar you can find a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, pizza or panini. We also offer the possibility of ordering platters or catering for a larger group. Our menu can be found here.

The Branik branch includes a restaurant facility with a seating area of 180 seats. The bar contains a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as a small bite to eat, pizza or panini. We also offer the possibility of ordering platters or catering for a larger group. Our menu can be found here.

In our branch in the centre of Prague we have cocktail tables for up to 40 people and classic tables for about 20 people. You can order soft drinks or chips here. Our offer can be found here.

We have 80 seats in our Liberec branch. At the bar we have a large selection of soft drinks, drinks, snacks and pizzas. Our offer can be found here. We also offer cocktails in Liberec.

Can I connect to the internet?

Yes, the room with a space bar is covered by a wifi signal.

Is it possible to pay only in cash or can I pay with a credit card as well?

You can pay cash and with a credit card too.

Do you have some parking places?

You can park in Jankovcova Street or Bubenské nábřeží Street. On weekdays from 8:00 to 18:00 the price is 20,-/hour, otherwise you can park here for free.

There is a large parking place where you can park in brewer Branik. One and a half hours are free, then each additional hour costs 40,-CZK. If you arrive on a weekday after 5pm, or at the weekend, we are able to extend the free parking for another 2 and a half hours.
In case you want to park free of charge for a longer period of time, we recommend using the free parking at Nádraží Braník (link on the map), which is a 3-minute walk from the brewery.

We recommend travelling to our Na Příkopě arena by public transport 🙂

If you drive to our Liberec arena, you can park in OC Forum or OC Plaza.

    Mon – Fri you have 90 min for free
    weekend you have 8 hours for free
    every extra half an hour + 15 CZK
    Mon – Fri you have 60 min free
    weekend + public holiday free all day
    every extra hour + 40 CZK

Is it possible to organize a big corporate event or a different kind of event?

Sure! We are equipped for a various kinds of events. Our arena and bar offer a many opportunities how to enjoy your time in a best way! We can arrange for you a catering, we can organize a tournament, provide prices for the winners etc. Everything is negotiable. If you are interested in something like this, don´t be afraid to contact us!

Can I become your member and get a discount?

Yes, our members receive their own member card and they have a lot of advantages. Instead of 12-minute game we offer them a 15-minute game and what is more, you have discount for each game! You can find more information in our price list.

Can I buy a voucher for laser game and refreshments?

Yes, you can use the voucher for the game and refreshments at the bar. You can find more details in our price list.