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Are you looking for a perfect way how to relax from the endless sitting behind the desk and watching the computer screen? Something really original that will get everybody interested in? The plan that will meet with the sucess? Our laser game arena is an ideal place, where to actively spend some time, involve everyone and relax a little bit as well. By the way, we are pretty equipped for the last one. Right next to the maze, there is our galactic bar with a huge offer of various drinks and we also offer some snacks. Watch out! There is a big chance that the less active members of your space ship crew can like this part of the building so much, that they won´t even step into the maze. There is also no problem for us to provide a complete catering.

Firemní akce v laser game Praha

Do you ever want to shoot your boss? There is nothing easier! 🙂 For more information don´t hesitate to contact Us.