Have you spent a nice time in Mercuria?

Come on and become a member! You will get a lot of advanteges like:

  • 10% discount for every game.
  • If there are only members in the arena, you play 15 minutes instead of 12minutes.
  • Each player has his own membership card which keeps his nickname so he is able to get achievements and level up by playing games.
  • You will get an email about every upcoming tournaments.
  • You can watch your progress in our member kiosk.
  • Členové laser game


  • Achievements giving you a chance to see your progress and they also allow you to complete many diferent missions.
  • You can check your achievements online here!

Membership card costs only 100 CZK!


Level Rank Games played Average score Ability Ability description
1 Rookie 0 0 Rapidfire Shoot 2 players in a row and you get a machine gun. Next time you get it by shooting 3 players, etc.
2 Soldier 3 1500 Shield

Shoot 5 players in a row and you get a shield which provides you

invulnerability for 10 seconds. Next time you get it by

shooting 7 players, etc.

3 Trooper 6 3000 Revenge Revenge allows you to get immediately back in game after taking shot. Just press a special button if you have 5-10 sp. pts.
4 Captain 9 4500 Rocket Aim a player and wait for a signal then just pull the trigger. You gain 500 points for each rocket you hit. Costs 5-10 sp. pts. and availabel only against lvl 4+.
5 General 12 6000 Reset

Reset allows you to shoot a deactivated player.

Costs 5-10 special points.

Just press the special button.

6 Lasermaster 15 7000 Nuke Nuke deactivates all enemies lvl 6+. Costs 20-50 special points. Just press the special button if you have enough special points and survive for 3 seconds.
7 Laserelite 18 8000 Nuke