Laser tag

laser-gameA laser game, sometimes also called as a laser tag, is an adrenalin game. As it is full of action and suspense it equaled or even overtook a paintball, which is based on a similar method. The laser game is also about a simulation of a battle. The difference is that you don´t get any bruises and that you don´t finish the game wearing the clothes stained with a paint. The whole game takes place in a dark maze equipped with the latest technologies. Everything to the accompaniment of the sound and light effects, that will drag you from the reality to the totally different world. Discover the hero inside you! The hero that breathes for a revenge and a victory. It does not matter who you are. It does not matter how old you are. Everybody will experience the real fun in our arena!

Basic rules of the game

Even before the gate open and the fight for a life become, every player will receive own vest with a weapon. Every weapon has got a lighting sensor as well as the vest (on the back, chest and both shoulders). These are the spots in which your opponent will try to hit you. If he success, the light sensors on your vest will turn off and you will be out of the game for a while. The good thing about this is that you can not be hit again during this time, so you will get some time to get away! After 5 seconds your vest will be activated again and you can savor the sweet revenge!

laser-game-arenaThe aim of the game is to get the highest score. You receive the points for your precisely directed hits. The table with your final scores will be printed for you by our staff right after the game. Then you can not only find out who was the best fighter, but you can also find out who was the one who hit you the most time and also who was your most common object of interest.

The maximum of the players in our arena for one game is 20 people. We suggest at least 6 players. There is a simple rule: more players means more targets, more danger and thus more fun!

Before every game you will be instructed by our staff that will explain you all our rules. That makes you more prepared for the tough fight. One game lasts 12 minutes. Does it sound like a short time? Well, we will see, how you will be talking after 12 minutes of running in the maze. Or will you stand on the one place for the whole game althrough it goes about your “life“? Do you know, that maybe some of your friends will find this game as an ideal way how to pay you back all of the old disagreements and inappropriate jokes? No wonder we say that it´s worthy to take a spare T-shirt, because belive us, it will come in handy.


lasergameOur arena has more than 400 m2 and thanks to this area it became the absolutely largest laser game arena in Prague! You can expect well thought out maze with a lot of effective details that you can not find anywhere else. After opening the gate, that looks the same like the one in the Star Wars movie, you will see a huge statue of a golem that will welcome you with its red eyes. There is no other choice than to hide yourself and chose your own strategy. Every component in our maze makes sense, every slightest opening has its own reason, every elevation its importance. Don´t be afraid to use all of the opportunities offered by this dark unusual place. Try to find the best firing spots. Mirrors, barrel, mattress and more!

Types of the games

We offer a huge variety of the ways how to play laser game. In principle, there are 2 main types:

    1. Everybody against everyone (or you can call it “try to hit everything what lights“). 2. Teams. In this game, it is very nice from you not to hit your team-mates whose vests light the same color as yours.

For professionals or for more experimental ones we can also offer a huge variety of different types of games:

      Revolver – In this game the round of ammunition is limited, so you not only have to think about all your steps but also about every press of the trigger.     Gladiator – Your number of lives is limited, so you´re not immortal anymore, but you have for example 20 lives. The aim of this game is to stay in the maze as the last one. Show your opponents who is the real gladiator!     Capture Flag – Very famous team game. The aim of the game is to steal the flag that belongs to the other team, but it is also very important to keep an eye on your flag. Awaken the spy and thief inside you.

     and many other variations!


The most important and practically the only requirement are the good and appropriate shoes. The clothes is up to you, but it is good to chose sportswear, because you move for the whole time of the game. It is a part of tactics to wear dark colors (black is the best), because it helps you to be more invisible for the other players. You will get sweaty during the game, so it is very worthy to take a spare T-shirt with you. You can change your clothes in our changing room and lock your belongings and valuables to our lockers that work on a basis of numeric codes. After the game you can use our shower as well.

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