Game modes

There are many variations of how to play laser game. In the Mercuria Laser game you will not get bored!



  • Right now you are in the very hostile area. Do not rely on anyone, do not trust no one! In this time you’re here just for themselves! Pick up the courage to take a chance and shoot  to each lightening point, what is around you. Each hit adds you points and the winner is the one with the highest number of points.


  • Are you fast, but bad in tactics? You miss a buddy in combat? Join forces and create an unbeatable team! In any event it goes much better when you know that there’s someone, who gonna check your back. Challenge your opponent and show them who dominates in this arena. Or do you let those amateurs trample you into the ground?


  • Everyone knows that two are better than one. Pick your partner and put up a fight against the other pairs. One hundred percent trust, cooperation and sixth sense. This is exactly what you will verify in this game!


  • You are accustomed to frantically run around, keep your finger on the trigger and take a risk every action? Hiding place will not say anything to you? This does not apply in this game. Death is here strictly punishes with the minus points, as well as killing your own team players. If you don´t want to lose points, you’d better watch your surroundings well. However, do not even think to sit in the corner. In arena is possible to find treasures that can change overall score rapidly. And they certainly are not for everyone!


  • Each gang has a good foundation – a place that is everything for them and whose loss is the highlight of abasement. On the other hand, recharge enemy territory to gain important points and lifted team self-confidence. Challenge the opposing team. Do you that you can hold your territory and beat alien team during one game?

THE FLAGS – Capture the Flag

  • Unlike bases, here you have to capture the flag of enemies and bring it back alive to vlasního station. Can you sneak into the territory of the opposing team and take away their most precious thing? Let´s go play and find the right spy!


  • In this game is counts each hit and you will literally fight for their lives. You have a limited number of lives and after every hit you life is deducted. On the other hand, you get ¼ of life for intervention opponent. Come show yours opponent who is the real gladiator. Until the end vydží only the best ones!


  • Team game that works on the same principle as an individual gladiator. But now you all have to stick together and protect their lives and to destroy the entire team of opponents. One of the most popular games on company events.


  • You’re used to shoot and have unlimited ammunition? Not in this game! Here, each player has 6 charges. And when you run out, you become an easy target for the enemy.


  • You know the movie Wedlock? So the game “Collar” is precisely inspired this film, where the computer generates different pairs, which then shares all the good (plus points per hit opponent etc.) as well as all bad (minus points for manslaughter etc.). The purpose of the game is to find a partner and collar disconnect. After that you share only good things.


  • Everyone know, how play “The babu” and in our game it works on exactly the same principle. The computer assigns the beginning of each sixth players “babu” and the goal is to hit “the babu” and get as many points. The player, who are “the babu”, is trying to give “the babu” to another opponent using racket. Simple and very fun game.