Kids club in Braník


Kids club will be held every Monday and Thuesday from 4 p.m. for beginners and from 5 p.m. for advanced.

The first semester will start on September 11, 2023 and the last lesson will be on January 30, 2024.

The club will not be held on 25 and 26 December 2023, 1 and 2 January 2024

The second semester started on February 6, 2023 and the last lesson will be on June 27, 2023.

The club will not run on 13 and 14 March, 10 April, 1 and 8 May 2023.

You can join to the first semester of 2023 right now!


Each lesson focuses on a different game mode, so players will change their teams and strategies.

At the beginning of each lesson there is a quick briefing – an introduction to the game mode and the basic principles of the game. This is followed by a familiarisation game, after which tactics are discussed and the rest of the lesson will work on improving in the game mode.

Since our arena provides a large variety of game modes, the first lessons will focus more on easier game modes such as Revolver, Bases or Flags. In the next lessons we will focus on the more complex ones: Game of Shadows, Marines, Zombies, Quake, Hunting Season, Measured Time and the best one – Dudgeon & Dragons!


Children can enjoy a total of 19 lessons for the price of 3.800,- per semester.

Children can also join during the semester and the price is then 200,-/lesson.

In the case of an absence, a lesson can be made up with an early email apology and an alternative lesson can be arranged afterwards.

Indicative division into groups

If you don’t know which group to apply to, we have created an indicative table to help you choose. You can also change your group during the semester if your placement is not suitable.

Beginners Advanced
Age 6-13 y.o. 10-18 y.o.
Number of played games 0-50 games 50+ games
Number of played semesters 0-3 semesters 3+ semesters

The organizer of the club holds the right to change the participants to a different group than the one they were originally registered in the case it’ll be necessary (too much difference in performance).


You can the club by filling the form or by writing an email

In the case of qustions please do not hesitate to contact us on email above or phone number: 725 820 090.