Attractions in Braník

Other than laser game, there are also other ways of having fun in our laser game centre in Braník! In between your games, you can try out our additional activities that definitely won’t bore you and we have plenty of them!

Virtual reality simulator

You can experience super realistic virtual reality on our VR simulator. We have TWO virtual reality simulators! Do you want to experience mesozoic environment full of dinosaurs, underwater world, fly through the space, or visit the underworld full of zombies and other creepy creatures?

All of that and much more is now possible in Mercuria Laser Game Braník.
We encourage you to try out our full-motion simulators with virtual reality headsets that can handle up to two people at the same time. Our simulators will immerse you into a whole new world thanks to all the visual and sound effects.

Unique experience for 2 people, where you can choose from 15 pre-recorded short movies on our first simulator and from 105 pre-recorded short movies on the other one. The price of our simulator is 100 CZK/person, or 150 CZK/two people.

Arcade machines

Air hockey, cars, basketball, water cannon, kickboxer or classic boxer. Arcades are for two people so you can try to race against your friend or see who can score more hoops.

All arcades cost 20 CZK/person.

Other than arcade machines, you can also try our table football. We have two professional table footballs ready for you and your opponent. Price for the table football is 20 CZK/game (10 balls).