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Birthday at Hamleys

Birthday party at laser game, and even in a biggest toy shop in Czech Republic? It’s a dream we say!

Yes, this is also a way how to celebrate birthday! Just create a reservation for the time you want, and leave the rest up to us! Our arena is part of the Hamleys, the biggest toyshop in Czech, so you don‘t have to worry about not having enough fun… Unlike in Holešovice or Braník, there is no bar, but you don’t sit by a table in a three-floored toyshop right? Also do not worry about getting some snack, you can solve this problem right here in hamleys.

If you are wondering what will the kids do while the others are playing at the moment, there is so many things going on. In Hamleys you don’t just look at the toys, you experience them! And trust us there is a lot to experience, the childern will not know what to do first, slide a giant slide from one floor to other, or ride a skateboard, drive a remote controlled car… Watching shows itroducing new toys really brings joy, sometimes you even don’t believe what you see. Come and see on your own!

For parents who won’t party with their childern, there is a cafe where they can relax.